PC Services

Diagnostic Fee $60.00

  • For single PC or laptop dropped off at our location
  • Diagnostic fee is WAIVED if repair is performed by Tech and Photo Essentials

OS Reinstall $110.00 

Thanks to the wonderful variety of malware and viruses out there, the OS Reinstall is our most commonly performed service. This service restores your laptop or PC to its original factory settings, with a few extras that many repair services do not include. What extras? First and most importantly, we back up your user folders so you don't lose your files! We will also make sure that all drivers are installed and all Windows updates are installed, and install a couple of basics like Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player. We can also reinstall your 'aftermarket' software (like MS Office) for an extra fee.
  • Back up your user folders to our server
  • Recover Windows key if necessary (and if possible)
  • Wipe the system
  • Reinstall Windows
  • Install up-to-date drivers and all Windows updates
  • Restore your original user profiles and files in user folders
  • Does NOT include reinstallation of any extra software

Third-Party Software Restoration $60.00

So your PC is all clean, factory-refreshed and ready to go. But maybe you don't want to have to reinstall all your programs? Adding this feature to the OS reinstall package means we also reinstall all of the programs you had installed prior to wiping. The catch: We don't have all of your licensing information and installation media (or download links) so you must provide that. We will do the work though - and we will also reinstall your free programs, like iTunes, Blackberry Desktop, etc. We DO NOT reinstall illegal or pirated software with this or any package.
  • Add-on service for the OS Reinstall package
  • Client must provide all license keys
  • Client must provide all install media OR download information

Virus and Spyware Removal and Tune Up $75.00

If you don't want your computer wiped and restored, we can try this service first. We sit down with your computer and use several different utilities to deep scan and locate all the malware possible. When necessary, we also manually clean any infections not destroyed by our utilities. We also go through your installed programs and remove anything that might be slowing you down (bloatware, toolbars, etc). Finally, we optimize your computer to run at its best possible speed and efficiency. This is normally a GREAT service, but we do occasionally run into computers with malware we can't clean, so it's not for everyone - some PCs do need a full OS Reinstall.
  • Use a variety of resources to detect and clean any infections on your PC
  • Remove infections manually if necessary
  • Optimize PC for better speed.
  • If infections cannot be removed an OS Reinstall may be necessary

Backup Configuration $70.00

Backups are extremely important! With this service we take the external hard drive or device of your choice and configure automatic backups. These backups will run on a schedule of your choosing and with no input from you - all you have to do is plug in your device regularly for the backup to happen! If you prefer (and we definitely recommend this route) you can go with a paid online backup service and have us configure that for you for the same fee.
  • Set up an online backup OR a removable hardware backup that will run automatically and keep your files safe.
  • Does not include the cost of backup drives and other hardware.
  • If online backup is chosen, monthly fees may apply depending on the service chosen by the client.

Router and Network Configuration $75.00

WE COME TO YOU for this service. This is a full home network setup for all the devices in your home. When you've purchased a new router (we can recommend some for you if you'd like) we start by making sure that you have a very secure password and the best possible configuration for network security and type. We then add all your devices to the network and do a quick connectivity test from each. If you have specific PC games or programs that require special port settings, we do that too.
  • Configure your router for maximum efficiency and security
  • Add devices to your home wireless and/or wired network.

Component Upgrade $60.00

  • Install a new internal component in your desktop PC
  • Install any necessary drivers
  • Flat rate does NOT apply to motherboard replacement or laptop upgrades.
  • Rate does not include the price of new hardwareWhen we order hardware for a repair, we don't believe in passing extra cost on to our clients. We charge you for the ACTUAL price of the part plus shipping and any customs fees. We might also charge a few dollars for our time locating and ordering the part, but this will amount to a $5 - $10 addition depending on the time we spent finding the item or the trip we might make to pick it up. We DO NOT add a percentage markup, so you won't pay exorbitant rates for larger items or parts..