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Services we Offer

PC Services

  • computerMalware and virus cleanup
  • Hardware repair and upgrade
  • Custom built PC
  • Home networking setup
  • Small business support

Web Services

  • wwwEasy-to-edit websites
  • Online store and integrated blog
  • Custom @yourdomain email setup
  • Email export and import

Photo Services

  • cameraNegative to digital conversion
  • Home video to DVD conversion
  • Photo repair and restoration
  • Retouching and colorizing

Social Networking

  • canstockphoto7386315(1)Social network setup
  • Visual integration across networks
  • Integration with your website
  • Auto syndication

Comments from our Clients

We dropped our laptop that would not turn on with crystal, and she fixed it within a few days after we dropped off! She did an amazing job and the price I couldn’t believe! Very affordable!! I am so happy to have our laptop working again for my pictures! I will be using crystal again for our second laptop. Thank you so much!! Highly recommended!!!

Ashley McDonald

Several of my hobbies involve a lot of computer work – so my computer is really important to me in my wind-down hours. When I accidentally downloaded some malware a couple of weeks ago, I was devastated. I normally trust my machine to only one person – it has never been touched by anyone else.

However, this time I bit the bullet and called Crystal, on a friend’s recommendation. She was wonderful! She saved all of my content and got rid of the malware for a fraction of the cost of taking it elsewhere – and in a fraction of the time, too.

I absolutely recommend Crystal. Communication with her is excellent, and her work is second to none. 🙂

Maureen Klingenberg

Our computer crashed and I was worried. Crystal fixed it in no time and since then we have used her numerous times. She designed our website and our customers love it as well as we do!! It is very professional and simple to find information you need. As my daughter said, ‘Mrs Crystal is part of our team now.” I can’t agree more and find her easy to work with. She never makes me feel stupid (and I ask allot of questions), is prompt and very reasonably price. I recommend her gladly and encourage you to try her. I only wish I had meet her early as she has saved me numerous hours. 🙂

Elisabeth Devries

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